Thursday, August 7, 2014


Welcome to the Nine Moons Prenatal Webinar! 

Over the course of the next 12 weeks, you will be learning about teaching yoga to prenatal students. Each week you will have access to a 1 hour lecture, along with presentation notes and a sequenced practice. Additional video clips and notes will be available on the Facebook group page. 

How to use this course: 
The benefit of learning on-line is that you can learn at your own pace. There is no deadline for the training, and all materials will be available to you as long as you need them. This means you have more access to me, the materials and lectures than you would expect in a traditional 5 day prenatal training. In that regard, I feel there is a huge benefit to learning in this format. 

However, the one caveat of learning online is the lack of physical observation (both you of me, and me of you). In that case, I highly encourage you to find a prenatal teacher in your area to shadow, who may further your education, experience and access working with prenatal students. 

Each week we will cover a new topic, building on the information from previous weeks. We cover a wide variety of topics from anatomy and physiology to mental and spiritual health of expectant students, and the culture of birth. Please participate in the facebook group with your questions and insight as we move through the content. 

Lastly, I am pleased you are here! Teaching prenatal yoga has been an honor in my life, and I have been proud to serve and support women as they grow into mothers. I am also honored to support you as you grow into prenatal yoga teachers.